Vaya Island | Top 5 Summer Destinations

Vaya Island | Top 5 Summer Destinations

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School is in session but we are still dreaming of an endless summer. Not to mention its also never too early to start planning your dream summer getaway with your besties. Here at Vaya Island we have had the opportunity to explore some breathtaking locations during our photoshoots. Here are our top 5 favorite summer destinations you need to start planning for Summer 2020! If we've missed any be sure to leave them in the comments below. We want to hear from you! 

5. North Shore, HI

Very few locations represent Vaya Island's easy vibe lifestyle better than the North Shore, HI. This is why we continue to come back to hold our campaign shoots here. This season we returned to shoot our Resort 2020 campaign!

To Do: Rent a Jeep Wrangler and cruise to Haleiwa Town for breakfast and an acai bowl then head to Banzai Pipeline to watch the surfers shred. Switch things up and go to the historic Waimea Valley and visit the waterfalls where you can swim and take in the Botanical Gardens. This is one of the most sacred places on the island. If you're a surfer check out the waves at Turtle Beach. Can't surf yet? No problem. Hans Hedemann is one of the best surf schools on Oahu near Turtle Bay Resort. 

What Vaya Bikini To Wear: Vues Palomino Top + Bottom 


4. Amalfi Coast, ITL

@kinseygolden in Lucia Amalfi Top + Vues Amalfi Bottom (Full Coverage) 

This stretch of beautiful mountainous coast is in between Naples and Salerno. In fact it inspired our best selling Amalfi Print . Aside from the coastal towns and mountain, the Amalfi Coast has a selection of stunning Islands such as Capri and Sirenusas that are perfect for every explorer. 

To Do: First visit Sorrento which is a town on the northern arm of the Amalfi Coast and is renowned for its gorgeous scenery and its range of scenic buildings and coastal walks. Then head to Positano which is often considered to be one of the most picturesque towns on the AC. The beach in Positano is also the perfect place to live easy. Don't forget to visit the truly magical Island of Capri which sits just off of the western edge of the AC and take a boat trip from Positano. Take in the gorgeous landscapes and Capri's array of beaches and amazing mountain views.

What Vaya Bikini To Wear: Lucia Amalfi Top + Vues Amalfi Bottom (Full Coverage) 


 3. Grand Cayman

@giannamerigliano in Vues Fiji Top + Vues Fiji Bottoms

Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands and is a very popular destination among Vaya Island Reps! We frequently see our reps and loyal customers posting photos on this beautiful island in their Vaya Island Bikinis.

To Do: Head to Stingray City, and swim and feed the wild stingrays. These rays are very safe making this the number one tourist activity in the Cayman Islands. Then paddle board along the world famous Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman which is one of the most popular activities on island. Snorkeling in the Cayman Islands is also a great way to see a wide variety of marine life. 

What Vaya Bikini To Wear: Vues Fiji Top + Vues Fiji Bottoms


2. Montauk, The Hamptons, NY

@rose__machado in Coco Mango Top + Vues Mango Bottom 

To Do: Catch the sunrise at the Montauk Point Lighthouse, New York’s oldest operating lighthouse. We know the struggle is real in the AM, but we promise the sunrises here are epic. Next its time to hit the beach at Ditch Plains (Long Island surfer's mecca) and soak up some sun. Lunch at Duryea's a St. Barth’s-inspired outdoor restaurant then head to Surf Lodge a college hot spot where hotel-meets-bar-meets-club, soak in the good vibes and enjoy some live music at night.


What Vaya Bikini To Wear: Coco Sky Top + Vues Sky Bottom


1. Nantucket Island, MA

@claire_strachan in Jaye Malibu Top + Vues Malibu Bottom & @celiagillum in Vues Amalfi Top + Jaye Amalfi Bottom 

To Do: Nantucket is an isolated island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts where Vaya Island was founded. It is also our #1 recommended place to spend our summers! The island features luxurious gray-shingled homes and crushed shell driveways. Grab a coffee at Handlebar Cafe and then enjoy a bike ride to Cisco Beach. Here you’ll find heavy surf and easy vibes. Soak up the sun and enjoy drinks and live music at Cisco Brewers in the afternoon and then dinner and sunset at Cru.

What Vaya Bikini To Wear: Vues Sunset Orange Top + Bottom

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