Vaya Island | Q&A with #VayaGirl Rose Machado

Vaya Island | Q&A with #VayaGirl Rose Machado

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Surfing and the live easy lifestyle is in Rose Machado's DNA and she is making big waves in the modeling industry. Last month we shot our most recent collection in her home city of Cardiff, CA. She is the daughter of surfing icon Rob Machado of HBO's recent documentary Momentum Generation and the new face of Vaya's "Under The Sun" Collection. We were beyond stoked to have her headline our most recent campaign! Here is our latest Q&A with #VayaGirl Rose Machado. 

What do you love most about living in Cardiff? Any favorite local hangs?

I love the beautiful views we have and how we are at the perfect distance from downtown, not too close not too far! 

What is your advice to upcoming models trying to break into the industry? 

I would say to always show your personality and be yourself! 

Where is your top 3 favorite places you've surfed?

My top 3 places I’ve surfed are: Fiji, Cardiff, and Bali

What are your top 5 beach essentials? 

I absolutely neeeeeed a towel, my cowgirl hat, tanning oil, a speaker, and snacks 

What did you think of Momentum Generation? Did you have any favorite parts? 

I absolutely loved the Momentum Generation movie! It’s definitely in my top 5 favs. I loved any part that talks about my dads childhood because he never tells me the entire story lol!

How do you “live easy”?

I “live easy” by just making the most out of every moment I get with my family, friends and boyfriend :). I keep my circle very small, but always accept people that I establish strong trust with. I never stress about anything because everything can be figured out. And lastly, I NEVER EVER care nor give into drama. 

What is your favorite Vaya? 

My favorite Vaya is the Vues White Ribbed Top and Bottom. :)


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