What shipping methods does Vaya Island offer?

When will my order ship?


How do I exchange my items?

Does Vaya Island offer cash/credit card refunds?

Am I eligible for an exchange?

Are exchanges free?

How long does it take for my exchange to be processed?

Who pays duties and taxes?

Can I return my order after 30 days?

What is your full return policy?

Can I exchange an item for a different priced item?

Can I request an address change on my exchange?

Do you offer second time exchanges per order?

Can I cancel an order I just placed?


What should I do if I receive the wrong items?

If my package is missing what should I do?

Can I use more then one coupon code on my order?

Can I exchange an international order?

How do I find my size?

Does Vaya Island refund shipping costs?

Can I combine gift card codes with other discount codes?

Can discount, rep, store credit codes and gift cards be used on final sale items?


How do I care for my Vaya Island Bikinis?

What are Vaya Island Products made of?

Are your bikinis padded?